People is at the heart of great organizations in Singapore

  • The difference between an average and a great company is largely determined by the people within. From operational delivery to after-sales service experience, your team is what ensure your customers not only stick with you, but help carry your brand further through positive word of mouths referral. Having said that, small and medium enterprises usually do not fare well when it comes to human resource management largely due to time, scale and budgetary constraints. In fact, Singapore has one of the highest proportion of disengaged workforce.
  • With Oohrar, we bring expertise and tools typically deployed within big MNCs to smaller setups so that they too, can benefit from better human resource management, lowering attrition and improving employee’s satisfaction and engagement level.
  • A long standing myth on having robust human resource management is all about keeping your employees happy and paying them well is all it takes. However, truth is, pay is not everything when structuring an employee remuneration package and entails more than just financial incentives. Research has shown that better employee engagement improves productivity and brings in higher revenue as well as profitability for the business which exceeds the costs of implementation. Hence, the question for businesses is – If investing $10 brings $80, why would you not invest?
  • Most often than not, we see company hiring an individual to cover admin, HR and finance. Drop us a note and we’ll show how even with that arrangement, you can end up saving more yet getting more value when you outsource HR function to us.
  • Whether is it a matter pertaining to payroll and statutory contribution computation or one that involve putting together a total rewards and compensation program, our experienced and qualified team stands ready to assist you.
Outsourcing HR & Payroll Accounting Services in Singapore


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