Our Value Proposition

We believe your products and services carries it’s intended value proposition to their targeted audience. Similarly in Oohrar, we have faith in the work that we perform. We understand you may wish to do it yourself. However, if you believe you stand to benefit more from professional help in resolving your issues or even to take you further in your business’s growth, read on to understand Oohrar’s value proposition that we bring to this partnership.

Oohrar - Singapore Accounting Services Company
Accredited & Qualified Professionals

Qualified Professionals

You engage us to assist in the areas that we have expertise so you can focus on areas that you excel in. As such, there is no reason for you to be dealing with anyone else other than experienced professionals ready to provide you with effective and practical advices as well as solutions. In Oohrar, our team comprises experienced and certified professionals in their respective practice to ensure quality deliverables throughout the engagement. Additionally, we have a network of consultants who stand ready to contribute in the tailoring of bespoke solutions to your circumstances.

Deliver Results

Resolving our clients’ issues and offering insights that assist them in taking their business further is at the heart of what we do and what we in Oohrar feels passionate about. While methodologies may differ and personnel you liaise might change, at the end of the day, rest assured that delivering results is what our reputation stands for. After all, we are evaluated on our ability to deliver results, not how flashy our sales pitch is.

Deliver Results
Dedication to Singapore Company Clients


We believe in providing prompt responses and remaining contactable as our clients’ needs are our foremost priority. The fact is, there may be times where we do not immediately have a resolution for our client as solutioning do takes time. But, we strive to turn it around as fast as possible while providing our clients with status updates throughout so that they are well apprised of developments. In Oohrar, we call this dedication. We mean it when we say we want to be partners with you through your growth, not some winner with the lowest bid.


While established MNCs can easily afford the services of big professional firms, Oohrar strives to enable the same technical expertise in our respective practice be accessible to all, even small startup who may tremendously benefits from insights that we can bring to them. Hence our fees are thoughtfully priced to take into account your situation and most importantly, ensure that the value we provide outweighs the investments you make by teaming up with us.

Accessibility to Affordable Accounting Services

Professional Associations & Accreditations